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Fandango Salad- Awful Name, Awesome Salad!

I usually look to recipe titles to describe some component of the recipe. For example- Olive Chicken tends to have olives; Strawberry-Mango salad tends to have strawberries and mangoes in it. Pretty logical I think. So when I came across … Continue reading

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Fast-Day Super-Fast Chocolate-Crinkle Cookies!

So I hate to post about food on a fast-day, but these cookies are so delicious and ready so quickly that they are perfect for fast-day baking. Take whatever tiny bit of energy you have (and a tiny bit is … Continue reading

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Original and Delicious: Banana-Honey-Almond Oatmeal!

Tuesday is generally my exercise-class day. Each Tuesday at 9:15 begins my mini vacation; for an hour I get to indulge in some sweat-inducing hard cardio and strength training, usually (hopefully) to an awesome soundtrack (recently the teacher has been … Continue reading

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Dinner Tonight- Scalloped Potatoes!

Scalloped Potatoes (Courtesy of Kosher by Design, p. 206) There I was (5 or so hours ago)-  free to do whatever I wanted. You see, we have a fridge full of leftovers from my parents (both of whom are wonderful cooks, yet … Continue reading

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The Instant Miracles- Challah and Chicken Soup!

I thought this post apropos during Hanukkah, which celebrates miracles, for the following two recipes were instant successes, miracles if you will. Using kitchen appliances I had never previously owned,let alone used, and attempting foods I had never made, I was definitely … Continue reading

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To begin with a few successes… The Repeat Offenders

Before I get to some of the fiascos (as my mother would say),  I want to share some of the recipes I have had success with and made multiple times- what I call the Repeat Offenders. These recipes were successful … Continue reading

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