To begin with a few successes… The Repeat Offenders

Before I get to some of the fiascos (as my mother would say),  I want to share some of the recipes I have had success with and made multiple times- what I call the Repeat Offenders. These recipes were successful enough once that I proceeded to make them a few more times, usually in a very short time span. As it turns out, after the third offense, the repeat offenders tended to get a little old and lose their place from our menus. But hopefully the separation will be brief and the reunion even more delicious!

Repeat Offenders numbers 1 and 2:

Quick and Kosher’s Roasted Sweet Vegetables in Spicy Cinnamon Cider (p. 199) and Curried Coconut Couscous (p. 187):

I was scared to try the vegetables, which include Sweet Potatoes, Baby Carrots, Butternut Squash, and Raisins, because the sauce in which they bake has margarine. Margarine, delicious little devil that it is, never really had a spot in my home growing up. Rather, it drew the wrath of my family, in addition to butter and mayonnaise.  How could I knowingly include margarine in a dish and inflict its poison on myself and my husband? Turns out I could, and it was absolutely delicious, cooked with apple cider, wine vinegar, sugar and cinnamon, and poured over the vegetables, which then bake covered for a nice long while! AND- turns out a little margarine here and there doesn’t kill us either!

Next- I made the curried coconut couscous to serve with the vegetables and they were a match made in heaven. The couscous was a first for me, never having previously cooked with, let alone heard of coconut milk, but with dried flaked of coconut and a hint of curry, it was absolutely delicious. (PS: Someone included a can of coconut milk with the wedding gift she gave us. Bless her heart).

I will say however, that after one Shabbos making this dish for guests, we found ourselves with enough couscous left over to feed a third world country and its neighbors, and after we finished it all the next Thursday night, we decided we would cherish the apple-cider veggies and coconut couscous as loving memories for the time being.

Has anyone tried these recipes?

Recipe notes:

-Veggies: 8/24/12-I used red wine vinegar instead of white and it was delish! I also omitted the nutmeg and only used golden raisins, no regular raisins.

-Couscous: 8/24/12- Delicious! But make sure to have all of the ingredients together already for step 3, because if you take too long to stir in the cous-cous, it gets a bit dry!

Repeat Offender #3:

Kosher by Design’s Purple Cabbage Salad (p. 79):

OMG! We are still currently in the honeymoon phase with this one. My husband made it as part of my birthday dinner and have been hooked every since. It is my go to salad to bring to others’ Shabbos meals, and not only is it easy, but DELICIOUS.

This past Shabbos I was asked to bring a salad to the people we were eating at- obviously I made this salad. I doubled the ingredients and the dressing, and then split the cabbage mix into 3 plastic bags. One, I brought dressed to our friday night meal. The second, I served at our shabbos day meal. And the third, I dressed two nights ago and we continue to eat happily ever since! Finally, a salad that you’ll actually be excited to eat a day, or two, or three later!

Recipe Notes:

11/9/12- This salad is a miracle because it gets better the more it sits in its dressing (no wilting here!), so make sure to give it time to sit! Also- the dressing makes the salad, so don’t be stingy! We used sliced almonds instead of pine nuts and it was great. We omitted the vegetable flavor bouillon cube and it wasn’t missing anything!

Check out my huge, double the size salad before splitting it into bags!! Woohoo!!


And check out what we’ll be eating for dinner in a few minutes… So sad to see it go!


I dare you to try this recipe- it won’t let you down! Thanks hubby!


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