Dinner Tonight- Scalloped Potatoes!

Scalloped Potatoes (Courtesy of Kosher by Design, p. 206)

There I was (5 or so hours ago)-  free to do whatever I wanted. You see, we have a fridge full of leftovers from my parents (both of whom are wonderful cooks, yet less recipe-oriented people, which makes emulation of their delicious-nesss somewhat difficult), so there was no dinner to be made! Yet on the other hand, there I was, staring at 4 Idaho potatoes I had bought last week, that had to be used before they continued to sprout little baby bulbs. My intentions in buying them last week had been good- I was going to make latkes for Hanukkah. But then our Menorah caught fire (I know, is that even possible), the fire alarm went off, the apartment was awash with a pungent water and burnt oil mixture, and suddenly I wasn’t as excited to spend an hour in the kitchen frying potatoes. We had ice cream instead, and played some blackjack and poker (carrying on the Hanukkah traditons of my family).

So while that night ended well -on a sugar-high- a week later, and I still had these potatoes. I figured I would make something with them to augment the leftovers from my parents. I began looking for highly rated roast-potato recipes online when I realized exactly what I was going to make. My husband, for some reason, has this thing about Scalloped Potatoes. Has he ever eaten scalloped potatoes? No. Does he particularly like potatoes in general? No, in fact he tends to steer clear of them. But for some reason, scalloped potatoes have tickled his fancy, and I had noticed a recipe for pareve scalloped potatoes in Kosher by Design a few months ago.

And so the night began. And let me tell you, scalloped potatoes aint no joke. They are creamy and delicious, and comforting as hell. Dare I say scalloped potatoes are the new potato kugel??

I followed the recipe in Kosher by Design, with only the following change- I substituted vegetable oil for half of the margarine, and vegetable broth for chicken broth. You begin by making a delicious and creamy sauce of margarine, flour, broth, chopped onion, and mayonnaise, which you then cover the bottom of your baking dish with. You then alternate between layers of potatoes and layers of sauce, and finish with a layer of sauce on top on which you generously sprinkle pepper and paprika.Image

(The sauce smells absolutely divine!)

My one critique is that the recipe definitely needs some additional spice. Next time I would add more spice to the sauce- increasing the salt called for by the recipe and adding in some garlic powder, as well as including paprika and pepper into the sauce, and not just on the top layer.

This recipe comes out of the oven browned and slightly crunchy on top, and creamy and savory in the middle!



And so we begin…



Doesn’t that look spectacularly milchig? Yum!


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