Fandango Salad- Awful Name, Awesome Salad!

I usually look to recipe titles to describe some component of the recipe. For example- Olive Chicken tends to have olives; Strawberry-Mango salad tends to have strawberries and mangoes in it. Pretty logical I think. So when I came across Fandango Salad in Kosher By Design (p. 90), I was stumped. In my mind, Fandango sounds vaguely like fiesta, so we’re talking party salad? Either way, a quick look at the ingredients did in fact get me excited. You see- I absolutely HATE making salads, especially salad dressings- I would rather bake a cake any day. Beside for the frustrating task of checking the lettuce which ends up with me on the floor of my living room spreading out wet leaves of lettuce over towels (see ridiculous picture below),



I just find dressings so hard to get right. That is why I was so thankful that my husband turned me on to Kosher by Design’s Purple Cabbage Salad, that has become my go to salad (see my previous post- But when asked by our Shabbos hosts to make a salad (as I invariably am. It’s like my name screams out “I want to make salads.”), I decided to try something new, and Fandango Salad turned out great!

To clear up the mystery- Fandango Salad is a romaine-lettuce salad that calls for walnuts and mandarin oranges (and cheese if you are making it dairy) that has a delicious raspberry dressing that involves food-processing (or blending, as I did) thawed-raspberries, red onion, mustard powder, red wine vinegar, oil, sugar and salt. The dressing is delicious and makes enough to dress a few salads!

When I served this salad on Shabbos, I decided to toast the walnuts and add an avocado to make it a bit more exciting and add to the fiesta (let’s just call it Fiesta Salad from now on). We then went to our friends’ Sunday night to break the fast and watch the Ravens game, and I made the salad again, again toasting the walnuts and adding avocado, in addition to craisins and feta cheese.



It was a delicious accompaniment to the break-fast meal of lasagna and garlic bread and we still have a little dressing left… looks like I better go break out the towels…

Makes it all worth it!

Makes it all worth it!

Enjoy! And never settle for bottled raspberry vinaigrette again!


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3 Responses to Fandango Salad- Awful Name, Awesome Salad!

  1. Shirsss says:


  2. Eliana says:

    totally did not see you taking pictures when you were preparing the salad in our kitchen! salad was delicious definitely going to try it

  3. Bonnie Pollak says:

    When are you making this gorgeous looking salad for me?? Yes, you do look like the person who would be designated as the salad maker!! How long did it take to put together?

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