German Apple Cake

Impossibly somehow, I stumbled upon an Apple Cake recipe that comes out deliciously flaky on the outside, and perfectly moist on the inside. I have made this recipe a few times, and it continues to come out a winner!

Crispy and Flaky Crust!

Crispy and Flaky Crust!

The recipe is from and it is Called German Apple Cake. What is German about it, I am not sure exactly. Smitten Kitchen has a German Apple Cake recipe on her website (which I have not tried), about which she writes: “I remember it being called at different times a ‘German Apple Cake’ and a ‘Jewish Apple Cake.'” So if Smitten Kitchen is correct, then it must be incumbent on every Jew, especially those of Western European descent, to make this cake.

I had bookmarked this cake almost a year ago to try (no idea how I came across it originally), and always stared longingly at the recipe until I finally had the opportunity to make it a few months ago. It is an incredibly easy, one bowl recipe, and while the recipe officially calls for a 9×13 inch cake pan, I have used a bundt pan each time I have made this cake, and I profess, it adds multitudes to the aesthetic delicious-ness of the cake.

If you are looking for a delicious and easy way to impress yourself and your guests, and you have a hankering for some apple, give it a try!

Healthy Alternative: I once substituted 3/4 applesauce for 3/4 oil, and while the cake still tasted delicious (if slightly sweeter), it was not as crisp and flaky on the outside, and was more prone to falling apart. Still though, there was not a crumb leftover.

Mixing the apples into the batter

Mixing the apples into the batter

Does anyone know more about the origins of the German Apple Cake?


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4 Responses to German Apple Cake

  1. Rivka says:

    It’s fantastic!!! Thanks!

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  3. Rivka S. says:

    Yum! Do you know if it freezes well?

    • elianna119 says:

      Hi Rivka, I’ve never tried to freeze it (it stays moist and delicious even up to a week in a covered cake plate), but I imagine that it should freeze well. If you try, let me know how it turns out!

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