The time we attempted to make Kumquat Jam

photo 4 (3)Sigh.

I guess it happens. The epic fails. I have definitely had many experiences where things do not come out quite as planned, for example the time I made tuna quiche that was very dry, or the chocolate bar cookies that came out salty. It happens, part of the learning process. But those were still salvageable,  edible, decent I will even say. But I guess it also happens that sometimes the pot just burns and the kumquats develop a beautiful, pungent char.

See photo above.

This was my attempt at making kumqaut jam. My parents had brought us a box of kumquats for Tu-Bish’vat, and a week later, we finally tried them and decided we weren’t much moved by the sour taste that seemed like the nebach (read- pitiful) younger brother of the orange. I looked for recipes for kumquats online, and beside for kumquat cookies, which were ruled out due to the fact that no one would think they were exciting except for myself, I found a few recipes for Kumquat Jam. We like peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches, so I though, Hey, great, new jam flavor! Alas, we will be sticking to our strawberry preserves for now.

I decided to use the following recipe: And I want to make it clear that this recipe got great reviews, so I take full responsibility for whatever went wrong with the recipe.

Anyway- the recipe involves a 3 days process of soaking the kumquats over night, boiling them and letting them sit again over night, and finally on the 3rd day, of boiling them with sugar and brandy for 45 minutes, until the mixture solidifies. Everything went smilingly those first two days, but after 40 minutes of boiling them with sugar on the 3rd day, the pot runneth over, and the kumquats were still swimming in liquid. No Jam.

The kumquats soaking innocently in their bath. Little did they know what was to come...

The kumquats soaking innocently in their bath. Little did they know what was to come…

My husband came home later, and after tasting the mixture, which he deemed yummy, we decided to continue boiling them. Come a half an hour later, and our smoke alarm is going off, our apartment smells of syrupy-sweet smoke, and our Calphalon sauce pan has gone from a gleaming silver to a dull black.



Any ideas- what went wrong? Was the pot not big enough?

Needless to say, the kumquat fiasco is still sitting in the fridge. One of our forks appears stuck in the pot for life, and we’re not sure if the pot is even salvageable. If anybody is dying for adventure, you’re invited over for some kumquat barbecue!

Cheers to fun times!


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3 Responses to The time we attempted to make Kumquat Jam

  1. Chavi says:

    Sprinkle your pot with baking soda, cover with water and boil. This should help clean it.. Repeat as necessary..

  2. snattel says:

    Oh noooo you crossed the point of no return where sugar burns, I guess once enough water evaporated. Welcome to the literal and figurative dark side. Sounded like a great idea though! And makes for a great blog entry… 🙂

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